Monday, August 20, 2012

Sewing sisters

So I am back in Germany now and I miss Cassidy very much.
But we made a decision: We still want to sew- unfortunately we can't sew together anymore but we can still make things for each other! Therefore we are "sewing sisters"  :)
Well I got my first package from her and was so happy. Now it is my turn to send her something. This time it is special occasion too- you'll see :)

But first some pictures of Cassidy's presents for me.

Her sweet card.

And the necklace..

... it is actually a locket!

This picture was taken about a month ago.

It is sooo pretty.

You are always with me <3

And now my new stylish camera strap.

She quilted it!

Coming up!

Thank you so much for these gifts Cass. And be excited for a package from me :)
I miss and love you, sister <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Haiti Here We Come!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!  We would like to thank everybody for all of their support of us.  We are very excited for tomorrow... i don't know how we will be able to make it through school.  All in all our makeup bag fundraiser did AMAZING!!! We made more than we could even imagine.  At first it was tough juggling all of our responsibilities with school and sewing, but in the end we did awesome!  Thanks again for all the support from everybody, we couldn't have done it without your donations/orders.  Our final count-up for our fundraiser was 75 makeup bags!! We are so thankful!  Please be praying for us as we travel tomorrow, and all week as we work in Gressier, Haiti.  It is not over though!  If you would still like to order a makeup bag, we will still make you one!  The extra money we raise once we return from our trip will go to the Respire Haiti organization. So if you need a gift for a friend, or just would like another for yourself, the money will go to an amazing place.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!
    -Cassidy and Lea

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Excitement is Building

Wow! Just one month since it became official that we are going on a trip to Haiti!  Our team has met once already, and we discussed technical aspects of our trip, and also learned a little bit about the situation in Haiti.  Some of the topics for upcoming meetings include culture awareness, religion in Haiti, and even we are going to get to talk to a missionary who was trapped in the earthquake.  If you would like to learn more about Haiti the video "The Lost Children of Haiti" is very eye opening.
You can also visit  for information on the school we are visiting and its purpose.  This is the blog of the founder of the school.  If you have any specific questions for us, you can email us or leave a comment.
We have been doing really well with the sales of our bags, so far we have made a total of 60 makeup bags!  It has been hard work for us. Balancing school work, and sewing is tough, but in the end it is worth it.  We love the feeling of accomplishment that we get from raising so much for our trip.  Thank you for all your support.  Remember to share the link for our blog on Facebook, through Email, and by just telling friends about us!  We really appreciate all the support!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Progress Report

We thank eveybody so much for all of their support! We are doing so well with our project, and couldn't have done it without support!  We have made a total of 43 makeup bags!!! 43! Our original goal was 20, and we were skeptical that we would even make that many.  But, now that it seems possible, we hope to try and pay for both of our trips with this fundraiser, however, that would mean we need to sell 100 bags.  So please share the link of our page to friends and family! We still have a long way to go even though we have already had such AMAZING progress!
Our most sold bag is the Midnight Wanderer scheme.  We have made 13 of that color scheme.  You may have noticed some of the patterns from that scheme being replaced because we have sold soooo many!! The ones pictured above are only some of the many Midnight Wanderers we have sold.
Lea and I have become very excited about the trip, and hope that the experience is one that we will never forget.  Thanks to everybody for being so supportive of our cause and remember to post the link to this blog on facebook, and tell all of your friends!
                 -Cassidy and Lea <3
P.S. If you are visiting our site for the first time, please check out our previous blog posts for more information on the make-up bags, and check out the Make-up Bag Archive and color scheme pages!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Info on our Trip

We want to thank everybody for their support so far! It has been so amazing what we have accomplished in just a week! Already we have completed 17 makeup bags and more are on the way! We have started to run out of certain fabrics, so you may notice that some color schemes are changing or being removed.  Do not worry if the combo you ordered is gone, you will still get the scheme you ordered originally. 
We are very excited about the mission trip to Haiti.  It seems as each day goes on, more plans go into place, and more excitement builds.  So far we have a team of ten, but a few more may decide to join us.  The dates of our trip are March 21-29.  Our team plans on going to Gressier Haiti to work at the Respire Christian School.  For more information on the school you can visit